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UK Football Pools Perms Software System


Unique Perms System Software for the UK Football Pools

Season 2012/2013

Do You Do The Football Pools -



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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

I'd like to share my knowledge with you and show you how to win the Football Pools. I can show you how to obtain the best chances of getting those ever illusive score draws each week, from professionals who get paid for doing nothing but studying football match statistics, and I can show you where to get this information each week  - absolutely free! Would that be of interest to you?

I would also like to show you the best logical strategies for using those score draw selections in a unique and proven Football Pools System, whereby you can enter more selections and capture those score draws and all for an incredible affordable outlay. Are you still interested so far?

It gives me great pleasure to now make available to you a unique and powerful Football Pools Permutation Software Program that I developed and created a while back. With this awesome software at your disposal, you will be able to create your own individual Guaranteed Treble Chance Perms.

This Football Pools Perms Software is really simple to use, but extremely powerful and will definitely help you to win the football pools - is this the kind of system you have been looking for?

I will show you how I have won many times on the football pools and how you too can copy me by using my football pools perms selection system.

I was really forced to create this amazing system specifically for my own use, only because there was nothing like this football pools software available anywhere.

Let's get it right - the football pools companies promote their own FULL perms mainly because they're easy for us to fill out; they're easy for them to check, but most importantly, they're easy for us to lose with - and most people do!

I have written a System Guide book, which will walk you through everything you need to know including a step-by-step guide of how to use the football pools perms software.



Instant Permutation Generator v6  2012/13 is now LIVE! 

Runs on Windows 7 and Earlier Versions Including Mac O/S X

IPG v6 - 2010/2011 - Windows 7 & Mac O/S X




Just Released 2012/2013 Version




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     Create 1000's of Unique IPG Perms  With This Software Tool    

Football Pools Perms System Software


Example Permutation :

This Was One of My Winning Perms - It Only Cost Me £8.20

This perm took 30 seconds to make!


As you can see, all you need is to get 1 matching score draw in each block and  then you are guaranteed to win the jackpot, plus you're likely to get many smaller dividends.

This is one of the perms that I won with!

So why am I selling this system? Good question. Well one reason is for money - what better reason? Seriously, as you can imagine, life has been very good to me and I now have a life of leisure, so it's only fair that I should make this life changing opportunity available to others - I really mean that!

Honestly, I used to be a self-employed small works decorating contractor and I would normally work at least 12 - 16 hours a day, seven days a week. I'm not kidding when I tell you that it was one hard grind. Even when I think back to that now, it makes me feel tired and depressed. I would literally hate to  HAVE to go back to working like that again ever.

Fortunately for me, I've got a great life now. I can get up when I please. I go out with my friends and family when I like. I love reading and especially enjoy learning about computers and websites. I exercise 5 times a week and I live smack bang in the middle of the city between the West End Of London and the Docklands. I can take three great holidays abroad each year (all 5 star). I've got my family and friends around me who all literally live a stone's throw away from me. I could easily move to the countryside, but the truth is I love living where I am.

Thank God I don't HAVE to work. I wouldn't have either the time or the energy to enjoy all the things that I now take for granted!


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How much would you expect to pay for a system that wins like this one?

You could easily expect to pay upwards of £100. I was originally going to give this system away for free, but after discussing it with my family and friends I realised a common truth: It is a known fact that most things that are usually obtained for free tend to either be taken for granted or are deemed to be of low value.

Let me state this right now - this football pools perms system is awesome! And both myself and others believe it is worth many times more than what I am selling it for. I do not want anyone to purchase this great system and then to put it away somewhere and not use it, only to let it collect dust instead.

I only want people who are committed to winning the football pools to purchase this system.

This amazing football Pools perms winning system will cost you about as much as a Friday night down at your local pub would cost. That's about 8 - 10 pints, a packet of cigarettes and a Chinese Take - Away and cab home. It's a very small one off sacrifice for something that could completely change the quality of your life forever. It's entirely up to you!


I'm practically giving this system away for £29.97


One of my previous football pools wins was half a point away from winning the jackpot. As you would expect, I still got a very nice dividend though. It only cost me £5.89 for 20 selections. Beat that!

By the way, I include that very same football pools perm with the 20 FREE perms that I'm giving away with this tremendous system.

I sometimes hear people say that money isn't everything (I used to say that myself) but if you've got it, you can at least help your family, your friends or even your favourite charity. Of course, it doesn't mean that you don't get problems - but at least you can arrive at them in style!


The benefits of the Instant

Permutation Generator are:

  • Easy to do (No computer skills needed)

  • Takes seconds to make a guaranteed treble chance perm

  • Suits any Pocket (Pennies to pounds)

  • One-time purchase ONLY!

  • Can now update/amend cost by within program

  • Can now add additional pools companies with program

  • No checking charts needed

  • Great for individuals and for syndicates

  • Enjoyable and exciting to use

  • Absolutely increases chances of winning

  • Can design thousands of Guaranteed Treble Chance perms

  • Can be used all year round

  • For British and Aussie football pools

  • Inexpensive compared to other perms and plans


It is an essential tool that everyone who does the football pools should have and it does exactly what its name implies; it makes instant perms. I would never do the pools again without this great utility.


This is without a doubt the best and

most complete Football Pools System 

EVER made!

W inning with my system is not a case of 'if'

but a case of 'when'!

Below: 52 Page IPG System Guide Book


Proven Score Draw Selection Systems     


·        Step-by-Step Installation and Instruction Guide

·   Everything You Need To Know To Get Your Score Draws

·      Proven Selection/Strategy Systems

·        20 Ready Made IPG Perms

·        Perms that I used to win

____________________________                               ___


So why not give yourself a real fighting chance – Get this complete system Now – you won’t regret it!


QUESTION:  What is the definition of Insanity?


ANSWER:   Doing the same thing time and time again in exactly the same way - and expecting a different outcome!


This is what people who play the Football Pools are doing week in and week out - and I used to be one of those people too!


When was the last time that you won anything on the Football Pools,

or even came close for that matter?


It doesn't matter how many times you come close -

it will not make YOU any richer!


Coming close will not buy YOU that Dream House in the countryside; nor the Luxury Car or that Beautiful Beach House abroad.


It's time to make a life changing decision - IT'S ALL UP TO YOU!


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Instant Permutation Generator v6  2012/13 is now LIVE! 

Runs on Windows 7 and Earlier Versions Including Mac O/S X

IPG v6 - 2010/2011 - Windows 7 & Mac O/S X

Just Released 2010/2011 Version



Proven Score Draw Selection Systems      Create 1000's of Unique IPG Perms  With This Software Tool



 Recommended Selling Price £89.95 !!!

Buy Now on Special Offer for  £29.97

Limited time only!

Immediate Download




Don't put it off any longer. Here is your chance to start winning!






Because this is a digital product and therefore easily copied, that once it has been downloaded it is not a returnable product  - thus it is our policy not to make a refund for either the download, postal or any version of this system.

Please Note:

That by purchasing this system,  that you are agreeing to these terms!



Please note that although it is very possible to win the jackpot by using the IPG Software and Selection/strategy Systems, it is not sold as a "Get Rich Quick Scheme!"
It is a system for maximizing your chances of winning and it is highly recommended that you only invest what you can comfortably afford to lose!






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